Michal Lasman

Maximize PMM impact: Build your team from the ground up

A Talk by Michal Lasman (Head of Product Marketing, Mondu)

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About this Talk

Product marketing plays a crucial role in every product-led company. It is the driving force behind effectively promoting and positioning your products in the market. However, assembling the right team is equally important. Without a well-structured and knowledgeable team, your product marketing efforts may fall short.

In this workshop, Michal will provide valuable insights on building a high-performing product marketing team. We will explore methods for maximizing impact in today's dynamic market:

  1. Overcoming the challenges faced by PMM Leaders
  2. Managing the PMM function with limited resources
  3. Mastering lean operations and achieving efficiency

The session will be divided into two segments:

  1. Presentation led by Michal
  2. A collaborative discussion where attendees can share their current challenges, success stories, and setbacks, allowing us to gain valuable lessons from one another

About The Speakers

Michal Lasman

Michal Lasman

Head of Product Marketing, Mondu