Emad Kazi

Bitesized PMM - How to build influence in your organization and raise the profile of your PMM team

A Talk by Emad Kazi (Head of Product Marketing, DoorDash)

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About this Talk

Elevate your PMM team's visibility and impact by mastering the art of organizational influence. Join this session to uncover transformative strategies that propel your team's reputation and outcomes. Learn to:

  • Craft compelling narratives that resonate with stakeholders
  • Effectively communicate value with key metrics
  • Align with broader business objectives to get buy-in

Explore tactics to foster cross-functional collaboration, earn buy-in from key decision-makers, and position your team as indispensable contributors. Harness the power of thought leadership, networking, and showcasing successes to elevate your PMM team's profile.

About The Speaker

Emad Kazi

Emad Kazi

Head of Product Marketing, DoorDash