Sandhya Thodla Priya Shah

Fireside chat - adapt & elevate: Navigating change as an opportunity in product marketing

A Talk by Priya Shah and Sandhya Thodla

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About this Talk

An open conversation on the realities PMMs face of a constantly changing role & customer landscape:

  • Adapting to market shifts & changing consumer behaviour
  • Data-informed change - optimizing strategies & adoption with research
  • Test & learn - reframing change as an opportunity 
  • Constant drum-beat - reinforcement and elevation of changes
  • Collaboration & communication in a constantly-evolving role
  • Show & tell - case studies and key takeaways

About The Speakers

Priya Shah

Priya Shah

Sr Director of Product Marketing, Upstart

Sandhya Thodla

Sandhya Thodla

Ex-Microsoft + Uber, Product Marketing Leader