Jon Rooney

So you’re the product marketing leader at a new company, now what?

A Talk by Jon Rooney (VP of Product Marketing, Unity)

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About this Talk

In this session, we’ll cover the unique considerations, challenges, opportunities and pitfalls of joining a new company as the product marketing leader from the outside. We’ll discuss everything from meeting the team and learning the business to picking what types of wins you should get quickly versus structural changes that may take a while.

Chances are, if you’ve been brought in from the outside, everything with the function and the team isn’t firing on all cylinders. In this session, we’ll frame up a playbook so you can:

  • Align with the right stakeholders
  • Assess the situation
  • Enact a plan that transforms product marketing at your new gig.

It sounds hard because it is, but you can do it - that’s why your new company brought you on.

About The Speaker

Jon Rooney

Jon Rooney

VP of Product Marketing, Unity